Is It A Surprise?

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It’s been said that although all human beings are equal on a deeper level, it does not mean that this is true on a more surface level. 1 thing that may give someone an upper hand in life is intellect and another thing is attractiveness.
And while someone might just have one of those things, there is also the chance that they’ll have both.
Just One
Therefore, even if someone isn’t particularly intelligent but they’re physically attractive, they are still likely to benefit. Their appearance can have a positive effect on their personal and professional life.
Both women and men can be drawn to them, with them wanting to be around someone who looks good. Also, even if someone is attractive but they are not intelligent, they can still be seen as being intelligent.
The Hallo Effect
What this shows is how much of an effect an attractive face can have on other people. Another person might not need any evidence to show that an attractive person is smart; they could only assume that this is so.
This is similar to how a person might not need evidence that something is good if it has a logo on it which belongs to a certain brand. A person’s appearance, just like a brands logo, will send out a strong message.
Two Parts
Not only can it make these people feel better, it can also have an effect on how they view themselves.
Thanks to the defence mechanism known as’identification’, they can attach themselves to them. One is then going to be physically separate from the attractive person, but their thoughts can lead them to believe that the other person a part of them.
Now, if somebody is physically appealing, they may very well be someone who’s a collectively human being. There’ll be the positive feedback the world typically gives them and then there will be the love and support that is inside them.
Consequently, being born attractive won’t be seen as something which makes them any better than anybody else.
Down To Earth
As a result of this, it will probably make it easier for them to maintain their relationships with others. They may be only too aware that being physically attractive is not enough to sustain a relationship.
But, just because they are not arrogant, it doesn’t mean that certain people won’t assume that this is so. If another person does not take the opportunity to get to know them, they may be unable to realise this.
Another Scenario
On the other hand, someone could be physically attractive, yet they could feel as though they’re the complete opposite. How they seem on the outside is then not likely to match up with how they feel on the inside.
Deep down, they could feel like they are completely worthless. Thus, no matter how much positive feedback they get from others, it’s not going to have much of an impact on how they see themselves.
An Addiction
What they could end up doing, in order to attempt and change how they feel, is to do what they can to obtain approval from others. One of the ways that this can take place is by uploading endless pictures of themselves to different social media sites.
They won’t have the ability to internalise the approval they do receive, which is why they need a constant stream of acceptance. It will be like they’ve black hole inside them, with this being a hole that will never be filled.
How If This Possible
If someone is physically appealing, and is accustomed to receiving positive comments from others, it can be hard to understand why they would not feel great about themselves.
During this time in their lifetime, they’ve experienced at least one parent that didn’t treat them very well.
A Traumatic Time
Perhaps this was a time in their life when they were verbally and/or physically abused. Being treated in this way would have caused them to experience a reasonable amount of shame and there could have been the disempowering beliefs which they formed.
They would then have felt as though there was something inherently wrong with that they are. Due to how they saw themselves, they may have ended up developing a false-self, and this might make it hard for them to associate with their shame as an adult.
A Mask
If this has taken place, it can be normal for them to come around as though they’re more important than any else and to expect special treatment, amongst other things.
Naturally, somebody who believes they’re superior to others is less likely to get support than someone who feels inferior.
If someone can see that they are carrying lots of shame, and they want to change their life, they might need to reach out for outside support. This can be given by a therapist or a healer.

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